Florida Town Bans Dance Clubs And Skating Rinks, Cites Violence And Drugs

In a real life case of “Dirty Dancing” the town of Weston, Florida on Wednesday chose to ban dance clubs, skating rinks and nightclubs. The plan moved forward under the leadership of City Manager John Flint and Mayor Eric Hersh.

Speaking about the cities ban Flint said the city targeted those certain types of establishments because skating rinks and dance halls can easily mask nightclub activity.

City officials believe that nightclubs are breeding grounds for violence, loud noise, large crowds and other bad activities and while they have never had such establishments in the city the new ordinance assures they never do.

In the meantime residents can head over to the neighboring cities of Davis or Pembroke Pines for skating, dancing and clubbing. In agreeing to the new ordinance city officials specifically point to numerous calls to the Broward Sheriff’s Office in regards to alcohol and narcotics at nightclubs located throughout the county.

Speaking about the decision Mayor Eric Hersh told the Sun-Sentinel:

“There aren’t those uses in Weston, there won’t be those uses in Weston, and we were never planning to allow those uses in Weston,” he said. “This is something that we thought would protect the city.”

Children in the town need not worry, the ordinance still allows for school dances and the YMCA can still hold gatherings for teens.

In south Florida alone last year there were nine gunfire instances, more than twice as many as the year prior.

With many upper-class citizens (see Weston house above) living in the area the ordinance was also likely formed at the urging of residents who want to keep the party lifestyle out of their neighborhood.