Military Doctor John Hagmann Loses License For Gruesome Sexual Experiments On Patients

A 59-year-old military contractor named John Hagmann is being investigated for a series of horrifying and dangerous sexual experiments he performed on students at a Navy university. His medical license was revoked at a misconduct hearing held on Friday by the Virginia Board of Medicine, for which he did not show up.

According to BuzzFeed News, several students came forward with shocking accusations about what John Hagmann did to them while they were under his tutelage.

“Let it be noted that it was unanimous,” said the panel chairman, Kevin O’Connor at the hearing. “I’d like to thank the courageous medical students who came forward in this case.”

Among John Hagmann’s bizarre and overtly sexual experiments were unnecessary rectal exams, which the doctor gave to trainees and also forced them to give to himself. Hagmann also performed unnecessary penile nerve blocks and administered dangerous drugs to patients while they were already inebriated.

Another patient claimed that John Hagmann photographed his penis and manipulated his foreskin, claiming he was using it as a “training tool” for how uncircumcised penises work during masturbation and intercourse. One patient was repeatedly catheterized.

According to the Washington Post, John Prescott of the Association of American Medical Colleges testified as an expert on medical education at the hearing, stating that the actions of John Hagmann were clearly wrong.

“Everything was just so abhorrent and abnormal. In a combat situation, there’s no need for a penile block, ever.”

Other gruesome experiments of a less-sexual nature were also performed, including forcing students to inject one another with dangerous drugs. In one case, John Hagmann left the metal tip of a lidocaine infusion device inside a patient’s chest bone and had to remove it without anesthesia. Hagmann also broke off a medical device inside a patient’s shin bone and had to remove it with pliers.

John Hagmann receiving “Outstanding Uniformed Educator Award”

“The evidence was so overwhelming and bizarre that it was almost shocking to the conscience of a prosecutor who has been doing this for 26 years,” said Virginia Senior Assistant Attorney General Frank Pedrotty. “He represented a real and present danger to the health of his patients.”

The story gets even scarier when you learn that the military seemingly knew about the disturbing sexual experiments John Hagmann was performing, according to Reuters. His license has been suspended in the past, but only temporarily. The safety and ethics of his procedures have been in discussion for over a decade.

“[It was] well known more than a decade ago that Dr. Hagmann’s techniques and out-of the-box thinking were pushing the limits, and it shouldn’t be allowed,” said Colonel Neil Page, chief of military medical operations at USU. “And that witness made it clear to others in the university that these things occurred and they had the opportunity to do something about it and for whatever reason did not.”

Do you think John Hagmann should lose his license? Do you think he should be charged as a criminal?

[Image credit: Reuters]