Chris Brown finds a new punching bag: Erica Jackson

Chris Brown is back in the dating game, reportedly having taken up with Erica Jackson after finally being dumped by Rihanna

Erica Jackson is a student at the University of Mary Washington, and the pair originally met years ago in Virginia. Not a lot in known about her, but they are said to have been “speeding a lot of time together” with things heating up “over the last two weeks.”

The NY Daily News reports that while Jackson is “no Rihanna,” the general consensus among his friends and family is that the new girl is going to be good for him in the long run. “She’s more of a plain Jane — cute though,” a source told the paper “At the very least, she’s helping to ease Chris’ pain over Rihanna. He was mad in love with that girl.”

Lets hope she knows how to duck :-)