Guardians Of The Galaxy Characters Discounted, Free Baby Groot Pet Now Live For ‘Marvel Heroes’ Anniversary

For the third week of a month-long anniversary celebration, Marvel Heroes players can log in now to receive a free pet. A new Guardians of the Galaxy sale and the return of the Cowpocalypse event are also underway for a limited time to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

Players that log in before Sunday will receive a new Baby Groot pet as their free gift to celebrate the anniversary. This little dancing plant will definitely be familiar to those that saw Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. In Marvel Heroes, pets like this can be given a number of unneeded items until the pet eventually buffs the player with five different random boosts. For example, after donating different tiers of gear, a pet could grant extra damage to summoned allies, increase a character’s critical chance, and much more.

All Guardians of the Galaxy characters, team-ups, and costumes are now on sale, too. It may be the second birthday for Marvel Heroes, but it’s also the 40th anniversary of Gamora’s first comic book appearance. To commemorate this occasion, all Guardians of the Galaxy items in Marvel Heroes are 40 percent off. Playable Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon alongside the team-ups Drax, Gamora, and Groot are all discounted. Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon costumes are also on sale including their movie variants.

Marvel Heroes
Celebrate Marvel Heroes' second anniversary with a free pet

Finally, Marvel Heroes players logging in now can also take part in the current Cowpocalypse. This event makes cows show up everywhere in the game including as summons for bosses and as roaming herds in Industry City Patrol. Not to mention, Bovine Portals will be dropping and the loot in the Bovine Sector is buffed.

A new costume for She-Hulk and new Cowpocalypse fortune cards have also been patched into the in-game store. The new She-Hulk costume, Law and Disorder, puts the attorney in some new gym attire while the Cowpocalypse cards give players a chance at things like eternity splinters, Bovine Portals, and a number of boosts. Interested players looking for a full list of patch notes, including a big change to some of the most popular team-ups, should check out the official forums.

This is what Marvel Heroes players can expect from the game’s third week of anniversary festivities. As reported by the Inquisitr, players still have the fourth and final week of revelry to anticipate. During that week, players can expect to take part in a revamped A.R.M.O.R. Incursion Event and to receive a free team-up to celebrate the Team-Up “Mark 2.”

Have you been logging in to Marvel Heroes for all this free stuff?

[Images via Marvel Heroes]