Fans Rally Around Rob Kardashian After Fat-Shaming

Rob Kardashian has had a bad few years. His weight has gone up exponentially, he’s reportedly fallen into a depression, and he’s become so concerned with his appearance that he now only goes out a night.

Kardashian clearly takes his privacy incredibly serious, but the paparazzi were able to snap an image of the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as he stopped for an In-N-Out burger on Thursday night.

This image soon started to go viral, and a variety of publications paired up this picture with discussions about Kardashian’s diet and his size.

But now Rob’s fans have shot to his defense because of the abuse that has been coming his way, and they’ve insisted that Rob Kardashian has clearly made it known that he wants to live his life in privacy, and he should be allowed to do just that.

What happen to empathy & kindness?Let others deal w/ inner conflict on their terms & not through media.Live in love not hate #robkardashian

— Leslie flora (@lflo611) June 19, 2015

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton released an impassioned attack on Rob Kardashian‘s attackers, courtesy of his Facebook account.

“To everyone I have seen online laughing at ‪#‎RobKardashian‬’s appearance during a rare public outing in Los Angeles yesterday, I hope you sit on a cactus! What you are doing is far worse than ‘fat-shaming’!

“The man is clearly going through a lot of issues, and having just this year myself battled anxiety and weight-gain, my heart hurts watching the way so many have been taunting him. I feel him. I applaud him!!! Just getting out of the house is a victory!

“Putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best you can is a triumph.

“Dear Rob, you are winning! You’re a winner! I believe in you!”

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)