Big Shot Texas Oil Executive Nearly Runs Over Gay Man, Then Beats Him Unconscious For Complaining

Anthony J. Fera, a big name Texas oil executive, was recently arrested for beating up a gay man after he criticized Fera for nearly crashing into him with his car.

According to the Huffington Post, 47-year-old Andy Smith was walking along Austin’s Colorado Street with his husband Paul Von Wupperfield in April. The gay couple got into an argument with Anthony Fera after the oil executive drove his pickup truck out of a parking lot and nearly ran them over. After Smith yelled out to Fera, the oil executive shouted homophobic slurs at them and threatened violence.

The Dallas Voicereported on the exchange between Andy Smith and Anthony Fera, based on the statement Smith gave to police.

“[Anthony Fera] came barreling out of the parking lot on our left, almost hitting us. I hollered out, ‘you nearly hit us.’ To which the driver replied, ‘F*** you f****t.'”

After Smith asked “What did you say?” the oil executive repeated the insult and got out of his truck. The gay man informed Fera that he couldn’t call him that, which prompted Fera to say, “You make me stop. I’ll kick your a**.”

The oil executive then proceeded to beat Smith until he was unconscious. By the time his husband could reach him, he reported that his “face was swollen and bloody from where he had been punched, with cuts on his nose, right cheek and chin. He was unconscious for around 30-45 seconds. When he came around he was groggy and disoriented.”

Smith suffered a black eye, a broken nose, lacerations and a shoulder injury.

Witnesses filmed the attack and took pictures of Anthony Fera’s license plate, which helped police locate the suspect, according to the Huffington Post. Fera was arrested after Smith picked his photo out from a lineup.

“I’m very grateful to the Austin Police Department and the many witnesses who stepped forward and offered help,” said Smith. “I’ve received a lot of support and love from my family and friends.”

Anthony Fera is an oil executive at MidStar Energy. As president, Fera oversees the oil and gas services the Houston-based company provides. He is now facing assault charges and could potentially be charged with a hate crime. Fera has been arrested several times before in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Do you think the oil executive should be charged with a hate crime?

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