NFL Rumors: 49ers Colin Kaepernick Could Still Be Traded And Here Is Where He May End Up

Offseason training activities are going on or have already passed for many teams throughout the NFL. They are now preparing for training camp in a month, but some rumors never really go away. The Adrian Peterson to the Dallas Cowboys trade rumor eventually died, but some people haven’t forgotten that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was put on the trading block back in March.

Ever since that rumor dropped, not a lot of news has really come about from it. Kaepernick is still with the 49ers at this time, and it appears as if they are heading toward the 2015 season with him as their starting signal-caller.

With about three months until the 2015 NFL regular season begins, there is plenty of time for Kaepernick to be traded if the 49ers find the right partner. The trade deadline usually doesn’t come until late October, so even after the season starts, there is time.

Many wonder where Kaepernick would end up if the 49ers did find the right place to send him, and three options have recently popped up in the latest NFL rumors.

1. New York Jets – Even though Geno Smith is said to be heading into the 2015 season as the starter; it doesn’t look like he is in their long-term plans. This would be a trade that probably wouldn’t happen before the season. If the 49ers start off 2015 in a bad way, look for them to get in touch with the Jets about unloading Kaepernick, per End Zone Score.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – Currently, the Eagles have a plethora of quarterbacks who are either injury-stricken (Sam Bradford) or have underachieved during their NFL careers (Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow). Colin Kaepernick would instantly be an upgrade at the quarterback position, and the Eagles have trade chips to use.

3. Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler is still owed a mint from the Bears, but it just never seems like the current relationship will work. Maybe both teams would benefit from a swap that has Cutler in San Francisco and Kaepernick in Chicago.

When all is said and done, the San Francisco 49ers may not end up trading quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and the whispers will just be more NFL rumors. Still, they’ve got some trade partners and if the season starts out rocky, look for some movement to happen.

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