Brandi Glanville Given A Second Chance: ‘RHOBH’ Producers Will Bring Her Back Full Time If She Plays Nice

Brandi Glanville can earn her full-time RHOBH status back by cleaning up her act, say producers. According to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, she is undecided as to whether she is ready to play nice.

The ball is now in Brandi’s court, it seems, as TMZ reports Bravo producers are not replacing Brandi right away. Instead, the network is willing to give the Drinking and Tweeting author a chance to redeem herself by making occasional guest appearances. A source close to the show maintains that if Glanville can prove she has it in her to act appropriately during filming, she could earn back her full-time status as a Beverly Hills Housewife.

As the news of Bravo having fired Brandi Glanville hit the web Thursday, the reality star would not confirm or deny her firing. Although she hinted to fans she had a big decision to make regarding the show, as the Inquisitr reported, the RHOBH star reassured fans that she had made no final decisions about her role on the show. Her lack of confirmation on her status left some fans to speculate she would make appearances during the sixth season of the show as a “Friend of the Housewives.”


On Friday morning, Glanville said she is still undecided as to whether she will stay or go.


Brandi Glanville’s demotion is not shocking, as she is known for being one of the most controversial cast members in the Housewives franchise. Throughout season 5, she continuously butted heads with the majority of the RHOBH cast and had a physical confrontation with co-star Kyle Richards. Although Glanville has stated she intentionally causes drama to create interest, Brandi being difficult on the set, People reports, is exactly why it was decided to demote her from a full-time cast member.

“Brandi got too big for her britches. She was a diva, and it came around to bite her. By the end, she couldn’t get along with anyone, and no one wanted to shoot with her.”

Fewer appearances likely means a reduced salary for the reality TV star. Whether to take whatever deal the network is offering may be a no-brainer as Brandi is allegedly stressing out about losing her RHOBH salary, reports Dish Nation.

“Brandi was told she was let go from the show nearly a week ago, and she’s already freaking out. As much as she’d like to move on to her own venture, she really needs the Housewives money.”

Although filming for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 is set to begin this summer, Bravo has not officially announced who will return and who will not.

[Image by Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo]