John Legend Performs At Hotel Bel-Air Despite Boycott

John Legend seems to be in hot water with fans after reportedly performing at the Hotel Bel-Air. Months before the performance, Legend reprimanded the venue’s owner, the Sultan of Brunei, because he passed laws that implemented strict forms of Sharia laws that called for the stoning death of homosexuals, the beating of women who had sex outside of marriage or abortions, and allowed girls, some as young at 13-years-old, to be raped by their husbands.

Back in February, John Legend backed out of a party being held in his honor at Hotel Bel-Air hosted by the Los Angeles Confidential, who was celebrating Legend’s magazine cover and the award season. Legend’s had a heavy presence during the award season and even won an Oscar along side Common for best original song which was featured in Selma. John Legend’s rep expressed concern and said that her client did not agree with the “horrific” laws the Sultan had implemented.

According to BET, John Legend accepted $300,000 to play at the venue on May 30. Numerous wedding attendees posted to their Instagram accounts, confirming that John Legend was at the hotel. Neither Legend or the hotel has said anything about it though. The reason for Legend performing was the nuptials of Daniel Landy and Alexandra Lippman, the daughter of L.A. commercial relator Jim Lippman. Legend only sang two songs at the reception, one being his hit “All of Me.”

A rep for the hotel told Billboard, “We never comment on private events.”

According to Billboard, John Legend’s rep to The Hollywood Reporter,

“These policies, which among other things could permit women and LGBT Bruneians to be stoned to death, are heinous and certainly don’t represent John’s values or the spirit of the event. John does not, in any way, wish to further enrich the Sultan while he continues to enforce these brutal laws.”

Lately it seems that the boycott has been easing after many celebrities have been sighted at the hotel, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Russell Crowe, and Sean Penn. No one knows why John Legend had a change of heart and made an appearance at the hotel, it could have been that Legend was a friend of the married couple, or maybe Legend just wanted an extra $300,000 to put into his bank account, because who wouldn’t like to do that?

Do you believe Legend did the right thing, changing his tune on the hotel to perform for a married couple?