Kim Jong-Un Insists North Korea Has A Cure For AIDS, Ebola, And SARS, They Just Won’t Reveal What It Is

Kim Jong-un has claimed that North Korea has a cure for AIDS, Ebola, and SARS, and it turns out that all of the cures for these diseases can fit into one miracle tablet.

Even though North Korea’s Supreme Leader insists that his country has the ability to rid the world of these diseases, they’re not quite ready to reveal how.

Officials from the country have announced that North Korean scientists have used a variety of ingredients including ginseng to develop Kumdang-2.

The official Korean Central News Agency, via the Mirror, were the first to report of this scientific breakthrough, which, if actually true, could save millions of lives.

The publication also insisted that this same miracle drug was used to contain the 2006 and 2013 SARS outbreaks, while it’s also been revealed that the same drug can cure MERS too.

Coincidentally, this revelation comes at a time when South Korea is trying to contain a MERS epidemic, which has already killed 24 people in the country. There isn’t a known cure to this deadly disease, and it’s widely believed that North Korea’s stunning announcement regarding their supposed scientific innovations doesn’t change that.

Kim Jong-un has made quite a habit of making outlandish claims regarding his abilities as a human being. Not only has it been insisted that the dictator learned to drive a car at the age of three, but North Korean text books have also revealed that the country’s leader won a yacht race at the age of nine, while his skills as an artist and composer are supposed to be sublime too. And let’s not forget that Kim Jong-un also climbed the country’s highest mountain.

Meanwhile North Korea is currently going through its worst drought in over a hundred years. It’s been claimed that 30 percent of the country’s rice paddies have dried up, while the U.N. has even declared that the country’s food supply is dwindling too.

It’s thought that North Korea’s announcements regarding these cures is supposed to deviate the country’s citizens from this news.

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