Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Women’s Health Program

Planned Parenthood on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas after the women’s health organization was excluded from a state program that provides conception and check-ups to women.

In the lawsuit the organization claims that the new state law which bans organizations affiliated with abortion providers from participating in the Women’s Health Program is tantamount to unconstitutional discrimination by association.

The lawsuit states:

“If enforced, the affiliate rule will cause irreparable harm to plaintiffs and to tens of thousands of low-income women seeking family planning and other preventive health services.”

Planned Parenthood isn’t the first group to go after the state of Texas over its obvious discriminatory practices, the federal government cut funding to the states health programs after claiming that the plan violates federal law.


The new program was passed by Republicans and signed by Gov. Rick Perry last year and denies taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood which the group claims limits a women’s right to choose her own health care provider.

It should be noted that Planned Parenthood does not use taxpayer money to provide abortions and the procedures are handled in separate facilities from the groups main health clinics.

In the meantime the Department of Health and Human Services says it is within the limits of state’s rights, in a public statement state workers note:

“Federal law gives state the right and responsibility to establish criteria for Medicaid providers, so we’re on firm legal ground … We’ll continue to work with the Attorney General’s Office to fully enforce state law and continue federal funding for the Women’s Health Program.”