Johnny Depp Lists Entire Luxury French Village For Sale At $26 Million

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has officially listed a 37-acre village in Plan de le Tour, France, for sale at almost $26 million. Depp’s estate lies around 17 miles away from destination hot spot Saint Tropez and includes natural stone-built houses, several of which date back to the 1800s.

While the sale of the vast estate is certainly audacious, Depp first purchased the village in 2001 as a get-away haven for his family during his relationship with French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, leading him to renovate each of the over a dozen structures individually costing him over $10 million in expenses and improvements.

Prior to Johnny Depp acquiring the estate, the village had been largely deserted for decades but has been reawakened by the time and money Depp drove into the tiny hamlet to bring it back to life. Depp has listed the property for sale with Sotheby’s International Realty, France. The CEO of Sotheby’s, Alexander Kraft, described the estate before Depp purchased it over a decade ago, saying “It was in a pretty rough state,” however Kraft did confirm that Depp did much of the decorating himself rather than hiring in labor, suggesting the estate to be quite close to his heart.

Overall the retreat covers 10,760 square feet of luxury bohemian style. With Depp’s church converted to a guest house to compliment the multiple guest cottages, bar, and restaurant as well as a staff house, there is plenty of space for those connected enough to make a stay to spread out and truly relax. While Johnny Depp’s renovated hamlet itself is both stunning and idyllic, the village is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees to remind you that despite your isolation, you are truly at the heart of France.

Depp intends to sell the properties as an entire unit, complete with all furniture, art, and even personal possessions, including books and DVDs, adding greater value to an already expensive retreat. The main house of Depp’s French village spans 4,300 square feet alone and reportedly features an art studio where the actor spent much of free time painting.

While it is not clear why Depp intends to part with the village, the actor’s life has been somewhat hectic lately. Between his recent marriage to American model and actress Amber Heard and the scandal surrounding his attempt to illegally smuggle his dogs into Australia during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Depp has had little time to comment.

[Image credit: Karwai Tang via Getty Images]