Who Is Audrey Middleton Of CBS’ ‘Big Brother’ 2015 Season?

Big Brother Season 17 starts soon, and the official cast has just been released. Many are already buzzing over one contestant in particular, Audrey Middleton. Will she be a contender for the winning title? Just what is it about Middleton that makes her stand out from the rest of the 2015 season houseguests?

Although CBS provided no hint of this in Audrey Middleton’s Big Brother 2015 season profile, TMZ revealed that this BB17 contestant is transgender. Audrey was born as Adam, and reports indicate that this houseguest transitioned from male to female several years ago.

How will this go over on a show that has made many headlines for homophobic and racist houseguest commentary in the past? It sounds as if Audrey is going in with a full understanding of how things may go and she’s excited to shake things up.

CBS shares that Middleton is 25-years-old and she’s from Villa Rica, Georgia. She’s a digital media consultant and a fervent fan of Big Brother. She says she’s seen every episode of every season, and she’s already got some strong strategies she’s planning to utilize.

Audrey told Jeff Schroeder during her interview with him that she believes a strength of hers is her adaptability, and she believes she enters the house with a versatile perspective of a character who hasn’t been in the game before. Based on how Schroeder was reacting to Middleton’s comments, some might guess that he hadn’t been made aware of the fact that this BB17 houseguest is transgender.

When Big Brother Network talked with Audrey, she said that she plans to be the ultimate social operator, building strong foundations with her houseguests. While she knows she will need to get blood on her hands, she plans to maintain some integrity, and she definitely has her eye on the big prize at the end. She says she is no wallflower, and she thinks in the end she could end up being something of a misunderstood hero.

In terms of life back home, Middleton says she has some nerdy hobbies, and she loves astrology. While she loves the outdoors, being active in activities such as camping, rock climbing, and kayaking, she also loves to get dressed up for an evening out. Audrey used to swim competitively, and while she loves dressing up, she says she isn’t afraid to get dirty. This BB17 contestant also considers herself a foodie and a big supporter of music and art.

Middleton’s life motto is “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack!”

This BB17 houseguest says she isn’t easily intimidated and she plans to make big moves as she likens herself a bit to Dexter Morgan from Dexter. Will the fact that Middleton is transgender come into play this summer, or will she keep this under wraps?

As the Los Angeles Times notes, CBS didn’t exactly plan for this to be common knowledge before the season started airing. Apparently, as soon as TMZ broke the news, all of Audrey’s media interviews were halted. A network statement indicates that Middleton does plan on telling her fellow houseguests about this part of her life during the premiere.

How will the houseguests react to Audrey Middleton’s revelations? Will she reveal the full details in the premiere, or will the Big Brother 2015 season houseguests be left hanging for a bit? How will viewers react? The network has been teasing that there are big twists and turns ahead, and it sounds as if Middleton is one who is fully prepared to ride the waves as they come.

Big Brother 17 begins on Wednesday, June 24, and fans cannot wait to get started. Could Audrey Middleton maneuver her way to the finale?

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