TV5MONDE USA Lineup Of Exciting Movies, Documentaries In June ‘Violette’, ‘Bamako,’ And ‘Tristesse Club’

TV5MONDE USA has an exciting lineup of inspirational biopics and documentaries airing this month. Coming up on Sunday, June 21 is the movie Violette, the romance biopic about a passionate relationship that exists between a beautiful female French writer and her not-so-attractive female mentor—a mentor who will shake things up in the French literary world by encouraging Violette to “tell it all” in her upcoming book about her past, which includes tales of late-stage abortions, trafficking, and lesbian (same sex) sexual relations which leads to a bestselling autobiographical novel. A powerful film about finding love in strange places and allowing your past to strengthen oneself and others. Tune in to TV5 Monde USA at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT.

The film Tristesse Club, aka Fool Circle airs on Tuesday, June 23 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT. The TV5 Monde USA episode guide teases the film this way:

“A dramedy starring three-time César nominated actress Ludivine Sagnier as Chloe, the long lost sister of Léon and Bruno Camus. After learning about the possible death of her father, Chloe seeks out to foster a better relationship with her remaining siblings in hopes of their becoming one big united family. Laughs and problems occur when all three siblings begin to suspect if their father really died or if he used his funeral as way to bring his children together for the first time.”

Rwanda, Chaos, the Miracle, is a documentary that chronicles the life of Sonia Rolland, a talented African actress as she goes back to Africa and creates “Maisha Africa,” a non-profit program that aides children who were left devastated by the Rwandan genocide. This touching documentary will inspire viewers as they follow Sonia Rolland’s journey of helping the children put their Rwandan community back together. Airing on TV5 Monde USA on Monday, June 29 at 3:50pm ET / 12:50pm PT.

Le grand hommeThe Great Man, is an action drama that centers around the lives of Markov and Hamilton —debuting Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT:

“Parisian immigrants struggling to obtain their citizenship. After being ambushed on one of their missions, Markov and Hamilton are reprimanded by other military officers for protecting each other during the attack. Facing punishment for not following proper protocol, Markov faces being dishonorably discharged if he does not commit more time to serving in the military. Chaos erupts in the lives of both men when they are forced to choose between being military heroes or being dishonorably discharged without the possibility of Parisian citizenship.”

Bamako: Tells the story of Melé, an African singer who is dealing with a mountain of difficulties as her marriage fails. At the same time that her marriage is unraveling, she is pressured by family members to focus on the governmental problems that are adversely effecting African society. As resentment builds among a people who have no hope, will Melé put her marriage on the back burner to join in the fight? Tune in to watch on Tuesday, June 30 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT on TV5 Monde USA.

Don’t miss these captivating biopics, documentaries and films on TV5MONDE USA during the month of June.

[Photo Credit: TV5 Monde USA Promotional Dept]