‘RHOC’ Season 10 Was Vicki Gunvalson’s Toughest Season Yet

RHOC Season 10 hasn’t been easy for Vicki Gunvalson. Although the reality star is Bravo’s longest-running housewife of all time, even she has had issues during filming, and when it comes to RHOC Season 10, she’s noted the installment as her toughest yet.

During a June 19 interview with People Magazine, Gunalson opened up about her RHOC Season 10 hardships, which include the death of her mother and her boyfriend’s ongoing battle with cancer.

“One of the biggest things, obviously, was my mother dying this year…cameras were on me when I got the news. That episode hasn’t aired yet, but viewers have seen me getting that news, and dropping to the floor and screaming. I had just talked to my mom a few hours later, and she was fine, she was healthy. She laid on her bed and just died. It was nothing any of us were expecting, because she wasn’t sick. So, that’s the disadvantage of filming a reality show. You don’t know what your reality is going to be tomorrow.”

As for how she’s doing now that RHOC Season 10 wrapped, Gunvalson admitted not much has changed. While she has had several months to digest the news of her mother’s passing, she still misses her terribly, and understandably so.

“I am doing terrible. I’m not good, at all. I miss my mom so much.”

As Gunvalson attempted to cope with her mother’s death, she was also having to tend to her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, who was diagnosed with cancer nearly two years ago, and has been fighting the illness ever since. When People Magazine asked Gunvalson for an update on Ayers’ health, the RHOC season 10 star explained his treatment was ongoing.

“He hasn’t done chemo since January. He’s doing a little bit of alternative treatment right now, building up his immune system. He looks good. He feels good. He has another scan July 1. We’re hopeful that the cancer goes into remission. As of now, it has not.”

Regarding her RHOC Season 10 co-stars’ allegations of Ayers faking his cancer diagnosis, Gunvalson claimed they were making the accusations in an effort to keep the show juicy.

“It’s very hurtful to his children. It’s very hurtful to his family.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gunvalson moved in with boyfriend Ayers during filming on RHOC Season 10, but not until he signed an agreement that ensured Gunvalson wouldn’t be forced to hand over any of her money or property if they split. In her Bravo blog, via Classicalite, Gunvalson explained the odd arrangement.

RHOC Season 10 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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