Kate Middleton Weight Loss: Duchess Kate Drops Baby Weight, Already Back In Skinny Jeans

Kate Middleton is only six weeks removed from giving birth to her second child, but already the royal mom is showing off a big weight loss and dropping nearly all of her baby weight.

Photographs have captured Duchess Kate out and about in skinny jeans, regaining her pre-baby figure almost immediately after daughter Charlotte was born in May.

Now People magazine is sharing the secret Kate Middleton used to drop the weight, and it’s not exactly something the average person can replicate. Sources say Duchess Kate has tapped an elite trainer, one who has worked with Kate through her pregnancy.

The source did not reveal the identity of the trainer but said that the person has worked with A-list clients, including other royals and big-money executives.

“It’s a lot of money, but you get a lot for the price,” the source said.

It’s a very involved program that includes frequent check-ins and a personalized routine for Duchess Kate.

“The trainer checks in remotely with Kate by phone every day as well as seeing her in person once a week,” says the source.

Duchess Kate appears to be getting quite a workout from her kids as well. She was recently spotted taking Prince George for a day in the park, where the two played and Kate chased around the toddler while pretending to be a monster.

Kate also appeared to have her hands full at a recent polo game, with George running all over the place and Kate trying to keep up.

“George seemed to be a handful — a live wire,” said royal photographer Mark Stewart, who was at the event snapping pictures.

Kate wasn’t trying to keep reins on Prince George, but rather trying to just let him be a toddler.

“[Kate] was running after him and making sure he was interacting with the other children. She wasn’t being precious with him – she wanted him to have a good old rough-and-tumble.”

Kate Middleton has some other help with her post-baby weight loss. She is reportedly breastfeeding her daughter Charlotte, which helps metabolism and aids in post-pregnancy weight loss. And she’s picked a diet heavy on organic fruit and vegetables and lean meat.

“The food is very elegant and actually feels like food you would eat at a restaurant,” says the source. “The whole program is very sensible – it’s not fad-based and is really focused on your overall health and well-being.”

Judging by the pictures and the attention Kate Middleton has gotten for her post-baby weight loss, the program appears to be working.

[Image via Getty Images/Chris Jackson]