As Rey Mysterio Considers TNA, Is It A Good Match?

There just might be a Rey Mysterio sighting on television soon. His possible destination: TNA Wrestling. Would that be a good move for both he and TNA if were to happen?

The former WWE World Champion has spent more time in the news than on the tube after the in-ring death of Mexican superstar wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez occurred during an AAA show. After the incident, there was a lawsuit filed, criminal charges considered, and a few calls for him to retire in the wake of tragedy. Now all signs point to Rey Mysterio potentially hammering out a deal to wrestle for Total Non-Stop Action, aka TNA.

Rey Mysterio working for TNA would be a good thing for both parties involved, but there are some downsides to this if it happens. He would instantly become one of the company’s big names on a roster filled with some of the who’s who in wrestling entertainment. Mysterio would join the likes of Kurt Angle, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, and Mr. Anderson, among others. His inclusion would be an instant hit in the X-Division, where the title is currently vacant. Along with that is the added credibility that his name brings.


For years, the WWE capitalized big by having Rey Mysterio don his tights and mask, with the purpose to amaze fans with his ability to move around the ring. Mysterio’s cat-like reflexes and high-flying maneuvers in the squared circle became must-see television. There was a series of promotions which ran prior to his WWE in-ring debut. And when he was out injured, there were plenty of promos highlighting his eventual return.

Rey Mysterio had his biggest triumph winning the Royal Rumble in 2006. He would go on to improbably win the WWE title at the WrestleMania card that followed.

Had the Rey Mysterio of nine years ago been in line for a TNA contract, there would shockwaves throughout the wrestling entertainment world. TNA would be getting a top-notch superstar in his prime.

At 40 years of age, his prime has peaked. The battle wounds have now developed lingering injuries that will never allow him to wrestle the way he once did. When Rey Mysterio was 31-years-old, it was easy to look past his 5’4″ frame. That was when fans were in awe of what he could do and how effective he was while doing it. This is not the Rey Mysterio TNA would be getting.


A large part of what made Rey Mysterio great was the superstars he competed against. Many of them already had experience in the ring with him. They sold his moves and helped him become the iconic star that he is. Will that happen in TNA?

Rey Mysterio in TNA would be a good move, but it comes about six or seven years too late. Still, if he does sign a deal with the company or as rumored, with Lucha Underground, there will be winners all around.

[Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]