Dylann Roof’s Friend: Joseph ‘Joey’ Meeks Says Shooter Planned It For Six Months

Dylann Roof’s friend, Joseph Meeks, speaks out about the disturbed Charleston shooter. From his testimony, it seems that Roof had been planning this for a while.

If you’ve been following the “Emanuel AME Church shooting,” the suspect was recently captured in Shelby, North Carolina. And according to CNN, he wanted to incite a race war.

Long-time friend Joseph (Joey) Meeks says that he actually had to take Dylann gun away from him once while he was in a drunken rant. It turns out that Roof strongly embraced segregation and had stated that something had to be done about African Americans because they seemed to be taking over.

In an interview with New York Daily News, Meeks gives his account as follows.

“I only took it [the gun] away because he was drunk. I didn’t take him seriously. I do feel a little guilty because I could have let someone know.

“He said he was planning for about six months to do something crazy. He wanted it to be segregated. He wanted it to be white with the white, black with the black. All the races segregated…

“…He wanted to do something big, like the Trayvon Martin case. He was upset about it. It made him mad.”

Several people have been coming forth with similar information. A high school friend, John Mullins, tells CNN that he remembers him using racial slurs while attending White Knoll High School. He quotes as follows.

“He would say it just as a joke. I never took it seriously. But… maybe [I] should have.”

As reports the Inquisitr, even Roof’s uncle, Carson Cowles, hopes he gets just what he deserves.

According to a tweet released by Charleston Police Department, Dylann Storm Roof will have a hearing today.

CNN adds that it will be from a remote location for safety concerns.

“Despite being held in the jail directly behind the North Charleston courthouse, Roof will appear via video for security reasons, Magistrate James B. Gosnell Jr. said.”

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[Video Credits: New York Daily News / Photo Credits: YouTube]