Zeddie Little, ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,’ Talks About Viral Fame On ‘GMA’ [Video]

Two weeks ago, Zeddie Little had no idea he’d be making a television appearance on “Good Morning America.” But then a photo popped up on the internet and he was dubbed “ridiculously photogenic guy.”

Liitle, a 25-year-old who goes by his middle name Watkins, was running a 10 km race in Charleston, South Carolina last month when photographer Will King snapped a picture. The other runners in the photo look sweaty, tired, and well, like they just ran a few miles. Zeddie, however, looks like he just spent a few hours in the makeup chair.

Zeddie Little, who’s originally from Charleston but now lives in New York, said:

“I find the humor in all of it, it’s funny. I feel honored to be part of a joke that’s in good spirits because the Internet can be a little vicious… Jokes can get bent the wrong way but these are for the most part positive. I guess it’s the most flattering way to get spread across the Internet.”

Little said admitted that he doesn’t always look handsome while he’s running. He just happened to be waving at a friend a moment before the photographer snapped the picture. Little said:

“It was a fluke to be honest. We figured it out…I was running and waving at a friend who was on the sidelines. I turned around and I caught a camera lens… and that’s history.”