Want To Be Closer To Your Significant Other? Try Weight Loss Surgery, One Study Says

There is constant research being done on weight loss, how to lose more, the effects of it, almost every single aspect of weight loss has been researched.

Well there has been a new study completed that suggests that getting weight loss surgery may cause couples to have stronger relationships.

While much research has been done on the actual weight loss surgery, not as many scientists have looked into how it affects people’s relationships. Until now that is.

East Carolina University, under the leadership of Mary Lisa Pories, explained to Medicine Net, “There is very little published research on what happens in a couple relationship.”

Pories’ group wanted to change that. The East Carolina University study group contacted ten couples where one of the partners had gotten the weight loss surgery. Pories and her fellow researchers then asked how the weight loss surgery affected their relationship.

According to Pories, “It was viewed as a joint journey,” with all ten couples remarking that “they viewed the surgery as a team effort.”

So how did the study group come to this conclusion? The couples were interviewed between three and ten months after one of them received the weight loss surgery. In these interviews, all of the couples were able to describe the benefits they experienced after the weight loss surgery including, “changes in physical health, emotional health, eating habits and their joint efforts,” said My Fox Maine.

Another benefit after the weight loss surgery? Couples reported greater intimacy.

“We found that relationships remained good or became stronger,” explained Pories, with couples supporting each other more strongly than before.

Pories further explained that “one started exercising with her spouse,” while another abstained from alcohol for a year.

And what could be more intimate than this. The couples where one had received weight loss surgery experienced “sex [that] was as good or better than before surgery.”

The couples also shared with Pories and her team that they had “higher energy levels, more positive moods and higher self-esteem.”

While their weight loss surgery research was open to couples of all orientations, Pories pointed out that all the couples were heterosexual and either married or living together.

What was the most surprising part for Pories and her weight loss surgery research? Pories shared that she was astounded by the “joint journey” attitude these couples displayed.

While the study was small and extended only ten months after the initial weight loss surgery, Pories and her team plan to check in with these couples at a later time to see if the results are the same.

So as weight loss surgery becomes more and more popular for its physical health benefits, perhaps others will join on in researching what the other benefits could be from receiving the weight loss surgery.

[Photo Courtesy of Body By Design Weight Loss]