Lady Gaga Bares Her Body And Soul At Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards

Lady Gaga dressed down to receive her Songwriters Hall of Fame Award — way down. Gaga showed off her fit flesh when she showed up in black leather bra and panties, ripped tights, chunky boots, and a bright red velvet jacket Thursday at the awards ceremony. The singer is known for her wild wardrobe, so the lack of clothes was no surprise to the audience.

On stage for her performance, Gaga sang an “amazing” cover of her idol Linda Perry’s “What’s Up,” and Perry reciprocated by singing a slowed down version of Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Gaga said that watching Linda Perry sing her own 2009 hit was “something of a childhood dream.”

Lady Gaga is still overwhelmed at the idea of receiving the Contemporary Icon Award (presented by her good friend and mentor Tony Bennett) and sharing honors with artists like Van Morrison. She has lots of experience with “chart-topping hits and standing ovations,” but not much confidence in her own songwriting ability.

“I was thinking while I was sitting there, and my mom was handing me napkins… if they only knew how many bad songs I wrote before that good one.”

After the performances, Lady Gaga changed into a black and white striped baggy suit and Elvis T-shirt to take the podium for her acceptance speech. The “Born This Way” singer was candid about feeling “unaccomplished as a songwriter.”

“I feel that I have a lot of work to do… As my heroes have done some things that I can only dream of, I feel very in my infancy as a writer, and I think you for just… at this point in my career, I’ve had some ups, I’ve had some downs, I’ve had some in-betweens – that you’ve chosen to honor me for the only thing I know I have, which is my heartbeat, which is that I write songs.”

Lady Gaga went on to thank Linda Perry and Tony Bennett for their support throughout her career, saying that she was “very honored that he was here tonight to present this award. Gaga said that Tony “is always looking out” for her and described her mentors as “true and two huge influences” in her life.

Later, Gaga took to Instagram to tell her fans how much the award meant to her.

“This has to be my favorite award I’ve ever gotten,” she said. For all the lady’s feeling of being unaccomplished, songwriting is her identity. “What a trip,” said Gaga.

[Image via Us Magazine]