Cher Chimes In On Twitter About Donald Trump Presidential Bid

Cher took to her Twitter account to make her feelings known about the announcement that Donald Trump is running for president. And suffice it to say, the actress and singer did not mince words on how she feels in a series of profane and hilarious tweets about the high profile entrepreneur and businessman. The profanity has been filtered below, but the humor and rampant typos remain.

“Donald Trump’s ego is So inflated, he might As well be the Hindenburg! In Dictionary next to ‘Obnoxious [expletive]’ See Photo of ‘THE DONALD'”

Please, Cher, don’t sugar coat your feelings. The Burlesque star went as far as to claim that if Donald Trump becomes president, she’s planning a big move in the near future, and it’s not Europe or a warm tropical climate.


Cher has made a name for herself with great performances in the music and film industry, earning an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, and an Emmy Award among her many accolades. But Cher is just as well known for her flamboyant style and her reputation for being outspoken on a variety of topics, particularly LBGT rights, given her daughter Chastity became her son Chaz. In critiquing Donald Trump, she was able to combine her style sense and her fiery outspokenness, citing The Donald’s trademark comb-over hairstyle.

“@elle_emm_aitch Donald Trump Can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human, how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS.”

While Cher seems to have edited down many of the vitriolic tweets to move on other topics such as Rachel Dolezal and the tragic shootings in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, Out preserved them for posterity on their site, including this Twitter rant.

“Why do Republicans Let Donald Trump Run for President!? What are his Credentials!? He’s Loudmouth [expletive], Who’s terrified of Windy Days!!”

Ouch! While acknowledging the hair references may have been a cheap shot, Cher referred to him again as an anatomical part of our nether regions and compared his ego to Texas.

Us Weekly also captured some interesting responses to other Tweets by Cher, including a comparison to fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, commenting that trying to choose between Trump and Cruz was like choosing between “a migraine or throw up.” When asked if Donald Trump would even carry one state in an election, Cher said he would take one — the “state of Desperation.”

While the bad blood between Cher and Donald Trump goes back several years, Donald Trump has yet to respond to Cher’s comments on his presidential campaign, but it’s doubtful he’ll remain silent for long.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]