You’ll Never Believe What Britney Spears Spent Her Money On In 2014

Britney Spears is no doubt a diva. Spears is a superstar who brings in millions each year with her music and currently with her show in Las Vegas. So what exactly does a diva do with all that money? Well, thanks to E! Online, you can now know what Britney dropped some serious dough on in 2014.

All of this information was obtained from legal papers obtained by E! Online that show just what Britney did with her money. So why exactly are there legal papers containing this information? Thanks to Spears’ father’s conservatorship of her estate after 2009, all of this information needs to be filed in court.

So what exactly did Spears spend in 2014?

According to E! Online, Spears’ father and mother both receive monthly amounts, “Jamie Spears… gets $16,000 a month to manage her affairs, while mom Lynne Spears gets a $500 a week allowance.”

Don’t worry, though, Spears has plenty left.

According to Yahoo Celebrity, Spears shelled out $25,000 for “pet care for Hannah Spears and company for pet-sitting, toys, treats, food, grooming, and vet visits.”

Britney also spent $15,270.35 for “meals and entertainment,” which isn’t surprising seeing as how often Spears is photographed with her cup of Starbucks coffee.

The pop princess also spent a pretty penny on looking good. Spears spent more than $49,000 on her wardrobe. Britney also laid out a little under $20,000 for hair makeup, and a little over $2,000 for other grooming essentials like “massages… and nails.”

And while she’s willing to spend so much on herself, she takes care of her family, too. Spears spent $409,237.40 on child support for her two children with Kevin Federline, and Britney also laid out $37,977.88 on “family support.”

So what was the most surprising expenditure that Spears had? Most likely the 37 trips she made to Target throughout the year. Spears spent a total of $5,500 at the super chain. The legal papers were so specific that they also pointed out that out of 37 Target trips, Spears only had to return products twice. All that time and money spent at Target, it’s enough to leave “moms and bargain-loving babes everywhere proud.”

What was Britney Spears largest expenditure last year? Although Spears spent more than $57,000 on her personnel and assistants, most of Britney’s money went to “fiduciary and attorney fees.”

Spears spent $901,845.88 for legal fees. That sum includes when Spears was sued by a former backup dancer who was injured and also the deal that lead to an extended stay for Spears in Las Vegas.

She may have spent a lot, but don’t worry, Britney Spears and her empire are still worth a cool $41 million.

[Photo Courtesy of Just Jared]