Rick Ducommun Of ‘Groundhog Day’ Dies, Celebrities Pay Tribute On Social Media [Video]

Rick Ducommun, the comic character actor who played Art Weingartner, Tom Hanks’ neighbor, in cult classic movie The ‘Burbs, died June 12 in a hospice in Vancouver, surrounded by family. He was 62.

He brought laughter to millions in his comedic roles, and Hollywood publicly mourned the actor on social media, highlighting the important contribution Rick made to the film industry. Joe Dante, who directed The ‘Burbs, remembers Rick’s contribution to comedy very well.

“Lots of the funniest stuff he says was totally ad-libbed,” the director tweeted after learning about Ducommun’s death.


According to MSN Entertainment, some of Rick’s most famous lines from The ‘Burbs were ad-libbed, including a speech made to a TV reporter at the end of the film, in which Ducommun’s character says the following.

“I think the message to psychos, fanatics, murderers, nut cases all over the world is, do not mess with suburbanites because, frankly, we’re not going to take it any more. We’re not going to be content just to look after our lawns, wax our cars, paint our houses. We are out to get them.”

“He was funny, talented and creative,” Peter Ducommun told Fox News. “I think what people admired most was his stand-up. He was a comedian’s comedian. Anyone who had the opportunity to see him live, loved his material.”


Celebrities mourned the loss of the late Rick Ducommun, posting their condolences on social media. Anna Faris, who was Ducommun’s on-screen daughter in the horror spoof Scary Movie, paid tribute to the late actor by posting to her Twitter account, “Thank you so much Rick Ducommun for being my first on-screen father-you were (and are) a brilliant, hilarious, and kind man. I miss you.”

Dave Sheridan, who also starred in Scary Movie with Ducommun, took to Twitter as well to celebrate Rick’s life and contribution to comedy.

He sent out condolences, posting, “RIP Rick Ducommun. Loved shooting Scary Movie with him. And always thought skull skates had the coolest logo.”


Fans mourned Ducommun too, stating, “You know when an actor dies and even though they weren’t massively famous it still makes you sad? RIP Rick Ducommun. He made me laugh a lot,” said one fan.

“Sad to hear that Rick Ducommun has died. Farewell, Art Weingartner. Farewell, Walt down at Nakatomi,” posted another.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ducommun was a character actor in many famous films and cult classics, including roles in Die Hard, Groundhog Day, The Last Boy Scout, Scary Movie, and the cult classic Spaceballs, among others. In Groundhog Day, he played opposite Bill Murray, and was local barfly Gus, a “glass is half empty kind of guy,” reports MSN.

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