At Least He’s Fair? Jilted Lover Saws In Half Property Shared With Ex Lover, Puts It On eBay [Video]

A spurned German man gets revenge on his former lover in a very original way, as he slices everything they own together into two halves and puts it on eBay for sale. Stress the word “everything.” Furniture, car, fluffy toys, bicycle, you name it.

While his actual name is unknown, his eBay username is der.juli, and the video above shows his actions after his lover jilted him as he slices everything they jointly owned into two even pieces. The video was uploaded to the der juli YouTube channel after he got a friend to capture his handiwork for posterity (and Laura, of course).


He reckons he’s being fair. They both contributed to everything in the home, so therefore they are both entitled to half as he takes his 50 percent share and puts it on eBay for sale.

The video begins and ends with a message to his former lover, Laura, in German.

“Thank you for 12 beautiful years, Laura. You really deserve half.

“Greetings also to my successor.”

The guy is obviously a perfectionist, and we can watch as he literally saws every single item in the home, including a car and the mailbox from outside the house, into two even pieces and puts it on eBay.

According to the Mirror, and as can be seen in the video, he used a table saw and a Stanley knife, among other things, to cut everything perfectly in half before he merrily puts it on eBay for sale.

The man even models the halved helmet on eBay.

The items on the eBay account include, among other things, four dining chairs, a vinyl record by REM, a mailbox, one bicycle, a cordless telephone, a motorcycle helmet, the sofa, a very cute little teddy bear, the couple’s double bed, an Opel Corsa car, an Apple Macbook Pro, and an Apple iPhone 5. There’s no sign of the halved motorcycle, so maybe he decided to keep that one.

Tweet translation: “Divorced from his wife Adam cut up all the items and put up for sale on eBay.”

So it seems the guy’s name might possibly be Adam, but this is not confirmed. However, as he puts it on eBay, one has to wonder if anyone will actually buy anything? Maybe for the curiosity value? Especially that really cute little bear?

When looking at his account on eBay, one has to also wonder about his pricing, with half an Opel Corsa going for 101 euros ($115) and the halved mailbox at 40.50 euros ($46).

In the meantime, the video, posted on June 16, is rapidly going viral with over 1.5 million views at the time of writing. As he saws everything in half and puts in on eBay, we just have to wonder how Laura, his ex, is feeling right now.

Jilted lover gets revenge

In other unusual eBay news, the Inquisitr notes that the 2011 AFC Championship ring of former New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is also for sale on eBay at a mere $19.5K. Any takers? At least in that case, the shipping is free.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever seen on eBay? Let us know below.

[Images: eBay account der.juli]