Model Loses Leg To Toxic Shock Syndrome: Why She's Suing The Makers Of Kotex Tampons

When one loses their leg to TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome as one model did, you likely don't want anyone else to suffer a similar fate. That is precisely why 24-year-old Lauren Wasser says she's suing the company behind popular tampon brand Kotex.

In October 2012, the California model went to bed feeling ill after a party. As hours passed, all Lauren wanted to do was sleep. She even found herself too tired to take her dog out for a walk. A welfare check by a family friend and a police officer was performed at the request of her worried mother. The act saved Wasser's life as she was minutes from death when discovered. The model was rushed to St. John's Hospital with a fever of 107 degrees.

According to VICE, Lauren's organs were shutting down and she'd suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors didn't understand what was wrong until they realized that she was still wearing a tampon. A lab test confirmed that the model was suffering from TSS. TSS is caused by "a combination of bacterial infections," including the presence of the Staphylococcus aureus already in the body.

To say that Lauren Wasser nearly died is an understatement. Doctors placed the model in a medically induced coma and told her mother to begin to make funeral arrangements. Fortunately, Lauren Wasser eventually awakened.

"My belly was huge. I had tubes everywhere. I couldn't speak. I thought maybe I had overdosed on food. I had no clue what was happening."
The model would begin a hard recovery process, which included the loss of her leg. While she was recuperating from the nightmarish ordeal, Lauren's mother filed a lawsuit against tampon manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Kroger and Ralph's grocery stores over Kotex tampons. The Kotex tampons were the model's "go-to brand," and she and her family feel that the warning labels are far too vague for the serious risks involved with using the product.

This is a point her lawyer reiterated to VICE.

"Part of our job is to show the jury that it's not about the warning on the box – it's about the fact that they've had materials available for 30 years that could make [tampons] safer, and they've chosen not to use them. They call these tampons 'natural' when in fact it's the man-made materials that make them dangerous."
Do you think the young model should be compensated for losing her leg? Are tampon warnings too vague? Comment below!

[Image Credit: UbyKotexAU YouTube]