WWE News: Backstage News On Kevin Owens’ Big Push — WWE Executives Were Expecting Owens To Fail

Kevin Owens certainly isn’t the prototypical WWE superstar, and his recent push has surprised some WWE fans, but, more importantly, his success since his main-roster call-up has surprised WWE executives, most of which were expecting the NXT Champion to fail when he finally made it to the big show, according to the Wrestling Observer.

After Owens made his WWE main-roster debut back on May 18, fans were calling it the best WWE debut since Chris Jericho debuted in the summer of 1999. Furthermore, him defeating John Cena in his debut match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was the first time WWE had made a main-event caliber star in one night since they did it with The Shield back in 2012, but before then, you’d probably have to go back more than a decade to find the last time WWE made someone a main-eventer after their debut match.

As previously mentioned, WWE executives were expecting Owens to fail once he made it to WWE, which is why they never were interested in signing him while he was on the independent circuit. His success on the main-roster has surprised a lot of people within the company, and now it appears that WWE has a lot of faith in Owens, and they’re planning to push him really hard for the foreseeable future.

Owens told Michael Cole during an interview on WWE’s website this past week that he’s planning on going after John Cena’s United States Championship when they face off again, which may not be until SummerSlam, which could mean that Owens will end up winning the US Title from Cena.

It’s expected that — due to his main-roster call-up — Owens will lose the NXT Championship to Finn Balor on the July 4 WWE Network special in Japan. So, because of that, WWE could very well decide to put the United States Championship on Owens.

WWE’s plan is to eventually make Owens the top heel in the company, which could mean that he will be going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at some point in 2016. WWE is certainly lacking main-event caliber heels, and they’re well-aware of that, so they’re obviously wanting to put a lot of effort into building more main-event caliber bad guys, and Owens is their first priority.

It appears that WWE — and more importantly Vince McMahon — is changing their stance on what a true “WWE Superstar” needs to look like. Also, it appears that they’re going away from completely scripting promos for their newer wrestlers, which has really been apparent with Owens, as his promos stand out more than everyone else’s on the roster.

[Image via WWE]