Lil Wayne’s Odd Independence Day Theme Continues With #FWA Release Date

Fans are rising up from their seats and cheering over the possibility of an official release date finally being announced by Lil Wayne for the Free Weezy Album A.K.A. #FWA. Adding to his long list of recent solo track releases and collaborations, Lil Wayne’s #FWA has been anticipated since he announced it in early February.

However, no Lil Wayne fan that loves world history or trivia should be surprised that he is releasing #FWA on July 4. In fact, a little bit of research shows that most of Lil Wayne’s previous release dates for his entire career have been set for an independence day somewhere in the world.

Is the fact that Wayne is using an Independence Day theme for his album release dates commonly known to his fans — or Lil Wayne himself? Whether it is speculation or intention — the evidence that Lil Wayne has an album release date/Independence Day theme adds up quickly.

On June 17, Lil Wayne announced his #FWA Independence Day release date at a concert in Anaheim, California, according to UPI.

Also covering his #FWA release date, Entertainment Weekly clearly states that this is not Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V and the album is still due to be released.

Speaking of Tha Carter V, originally Lil Wayne set it to be released on May 5, 2014 — Mexico’s independence day. Pitchfork states that Lil Wayne pushed the date back to October 28 and then December 9.

For all three release dates for Tha Carter V, Lil Wayne chose an Independence Day. October 28 is Czechoslovakia’s Independence Day, and December 9 is Tanzania’s.

Does Lil Wayne have a story of independence for his Independence Day theme? Rolling Stone printed a story on January 28 talking about Lil Wayne officially quitting business with Birdman and Cash Money.

Rolling Stone points out that Lil Wayne’s previous album release, Sorry 4 The Wait 2, had two songs – “CoCo” and “S***” – directed at Cash Money. The lyrics of the song tell the tale of Lil Wayne’s own struggle for independence — and may explain his interest in Independence Day themes.

Those lyrics from “S***” where Lil Wayne talks about independence are as follows.

“Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released/But this agent ain’t free, word, that’s the word on these streets.”

Lil Wayne’s lyrics from “CoCo” that relate to his struggle with power that leads to independence are as follows.

“Cash Money is an army, I’m a one-man army/And if them niggas comin’ for me, I’m goin’ out like Tony/Now I don’t want no problems, I just want my money.”

Has Lil Wayne always had an Independence Day theme from the very beginning for his album release dates? After all, Sorry 4 the Wait (released July 13, 2011) and Sorry 4 the Wait 2 (released January 20, 2015) do not have release dates associated with an Independence Day somewhere in the world.

Interestingly, while some release dates fall through the cracks with the Independence Day theory, a majority of Lil Wayne album release dates fall in line with the theme.

November 2, 1999 is when Lil Wayne released his first album Tha Block is Hot. While it is not an Independence Day — November 2 is the Day of the Dead.

Following that, the independence day theme begins with Tha Carter that was released on June 29, 2004, — and corresponds with Independence Day in the Seychelles.

The next album release date coincidences for Lil Wayne are Tha Carter II on December 6, 2005, (Finland), We Are Young Money on December 21, 2009 (Nepal), Rebirth on February 2, 2010 (Estonia), and Young Money: Rise of an Empire on March 11, 2014 (Lithuania).

Other Lil Wayne album release dates that have Independence Day connections are kind of a stretch. I Am Not a Human Being was released on September 27, 2010 — and that date is associated with Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1810 that was not officially recognized until September 27, 1821.

Tha Carter IV was released on August 29, 2011, and that is when Brazil’s independence was first recognized — but the official Brazil Independence Day is celebrated on September 7.

Lil Wayne album release dates that do not follow an Independence Day theme are Lights Out released on December 19, 2000, 500 Degreez on July 23, 2002, Tha Carter III on June 10, 2008.

Looking back, fans might have suspicions that some Lil Wayne album release dates were destined to never be associated with an Independence Day theme. Good examples are Lil Wayne’s October 31, 2006 release of his album with Birdman, Like Father, Like Son and Rich Gang on July 23, 2013.

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