Love Child Or Not, Jay Z’s Alleged Son Is Frustrated

The man who claims he is Jay Z’s love child bared it all in an interview with RadarOnline on Tuesday, June 16.

The alleged son, 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, revealed he was frustrated with his ongoing case against Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z.

He filed the civil lawsuit against the rapper last December in an attempt to force the music mogul to take a paternity test.

However, Hova has denied Rymir’s claim, declaring that the 21-year-old man cannot be his son. The multi-millionaire rapper has also refused to take a paternity test, Bill Zwecker reported for Sun-Times.

Wanda Satterthwaite, Rymir’s mom, declared that she and Jay Z were romantically involved during the early 90’s before the music magnate become famous.

Rymir claimed he is not after Jay Z’s money, and that he just wanted to get to know more about his paternal’s family history, wrote Carly Sitzer for In Touch Weekly.

“It was a big case to me,” Rymir told RadarOnline,“because I really wanted to find out who my father was,” admitted the love child, who looks a lot like Jay Z.

Rymir, a budding rapper himself, insisted that just he wanted to know for a fact whether Jay Z is his biological father or not.

The 21-year-old admitted that he only wanted to be prepared for the future in case something happens to his mother, Wanda, who’s health status is very delicate.

Wanda, as RadarOnline revealed, is suffering from severe asthma and a congenital heart condition.

Zwecker wrote for Sun-Times that Rymir also sought funds for his mother’s medical condition.

However, Rymir admitted to RadarOnline, that he and his mom Wanda, were not ready legally and financially to keep the case going. Last 2010, the two of them filed a claim against Jay Z as well.

The sheer size of the cases overwhelms them and they don’t have enough funds to pursue the lawsuit.

The alleged love child confessed they also do not know enough to pursue the case. Rymir said that it was difficult to keep the case going as he lacks proper information, as they kept on “running around.”

Last May 2015, Rymir tweeted he was exhausted, and “on his way to sleep.”

Nevertheless, the 21-year-old revealed he tries real hard not to get upset by the circumstances by taking a day at a time and planning his life.

Putting the lawsuit aside as a less priority, Rymir does his best to continue on with his life as anything might possibly come to pass and “I still got to live for myself,” he announced in his interview with Radar.