Hope Delozier, One-Year-Old Toddler, Dies From Ear Infection: Wait Till You Hear The Parents' Reason

Aric Mitchell

Hope Delozier, a one-year-old toddler in Pennsylvania, experienced a medical malady not uncommon to children her age.

After all, most children get ear infections at some point in their young lives. The only difference: most children don't die from it.

Unfortunately, that's what happened with Hope, and according to Rhode Island Health Director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, it was completely avoidable.

Alexander-Scott said that it was "invasive strep" that killed Hope Delozier -- the kind that can be treated with a cheap antibiotic.

But Hope's parents -- 29-year-old Ebed Delozier and 34-year-old Christine Delozier -- reportedly wouldn't have it because they are "against modern medicine," reports the Daily Mail.

Hope died in March from what medical officials believe to be "invasive group A streptococcus bacteria" originating from her left ear.

She was only 18 months old, the Press Sun & Bulletin notes.

At the time of Hope's death, her mother said that their daughter had "never been" to the doctor or received vaccinations as it violated their beliefs.

They used "homeopathic remedies and herbal therapy" to treat the youngster, adding that they "didn't have the money" to cover medical costs.

In a report to police, a nurse at Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital that helped the Deloziers when Hope's condition worsened said the couple had made it "clear they were against antibiotics and other chemicals associated with modern medicine" and an emergency room nurse added that when they were trying to save Hope's life, Christine complained they were "putting holes in" her daughter and that "you're putting chemicals in her," the Mail adds.

The autopsy performed on little Hope Delozier found that she was suffering from a cerebral abscess and a terminal cerebral edema. She was also "dehydrated and malnourished."

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Medical personnel are pretty much in agreement that Hope suffered greatly before she died on March 23, and as a result, her death was ruled a homicide. The couple was charged with felony counts of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children.

Unfortunately, what Hope Delozier went through is not uncommon. A previous Inquisitr story shared the story of two boys who died from lung infections because their mother, Catherine Schaible and her husband Herbert, believed in faith healing over traditional medicine.

Catherine said that "we pray and ask to be healed the way that Jesus did when he was on Earth, while Herbert added that medicine is against the family's religious beliefs.

Do you think that manslaughter is the right charge in cases like this and that of Hope Delozier? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Delozier Family's Facebook c/o Daily Mail, linked above]