Church Pastor ‘Publicly Humiliated Us On Facebook,’ Couple Says

Church pastor David McGee “publicly humiliated” a couple that used to go to his church on Facebook, the couple tells Yahoo! News.

In a lengthy but somewhat cryptic Facebook post, McGee explained to the other members what was going on and actually named four individuals, who would no longer be allowed to attend The Bridge Fellowship Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“Hey Bridge Family,” the post begins. “We have to do what God and the Bible tells us to do. So… we are disfellowshipping Matt and Amanda Gates and Chris and Christiana [sic] Yarborough.”

The church pastor continued, “This means they cannot come to the Bridge, they are no longer welcomed at the Bridge unless they repent.”

McGee then shared Bible Scriptures justifying the disfellowshipping action (Matthew 18:15-18) and admitted that the decision was a “long time coming” and done with the full support of the elders and Board of Directors at the Bridge Fellowship Church.

This was news to the Yarboroughs, who spoke about the decision in their interview with Yahoo News, stating that the only previous issue the church leaders had had with them was in their decision to stop tithing (or to cease giving 10 percent of their earnings to the church).

Chris Yarbrough was a former deacon, and along the way, the couple felt better about giving their money to other ministries and non-profits.

The disfellowship, according to the Yarboroughs, caught them off guard.

Nevertheless, they’re not going to be getting any answers now from McGee, who has yet to speak with the press.

“I will block them [on Facebook] because Jesus and the Word tell me to, and I don’t want to hear the gossip and lies anymore,” McGee added. “Yes lies. They also broke the covenant they signed to protect the life group as a ministry of the Bridge. To invite anyone or start something is breaking that covenant to protect and is in violation of scripture.”

It gets weirder from there.

“God will not honor this new group that was birthed not by the Spirit but by works of the Flesh. Look at the list of works of the Flesh and the Bridge leaders walking in the Fruits of the Spirit.”

(Read more here if you dare.)

What do you think about the act of disfellowshipping someone on Facebook? Should a church be allowed to do that in a public way, or should it stay between members of the congregation? Sound off on what this church pastor did in the comments section.

[Image via The Bridge Facebook Page]