Who Shot Tupac? Former Cop Claims To Know

The mystery of who shot Tupac Shakur still hasn't been solved, but a retired LAPD cop claims to know exactly who's responsible. Vice reports that the 19-year mystery could very well be near its end if this man's claims are true. The retired detective, named Russell Poole, directly names who he believes to be responsible, but will this result in any changes in the famous Las Vegas cold case?

Hot New Hip Hop breaks down the story, revealing that the information stems from a jailhouse informant, which may or may not be reliable at all. In fact, one of the reasons why it's hard to tell if the story is reliable is because it pretty much mirrors one of the numerous conspiracy theories that exist about this case. According to Poole, the shooting of Tupac Shakur can be traced all the way to Suge Knight - or rather, his ex wife.

The retired detective told Vice that gang members killed the rapper -- two men named Malcolm Patton and Donald Smith. They were allegedly assisted by Reggie Wright, Jr, who happened to be a Death Row security guard at the time, who was also allegedly in cahoots with Suge Knight's former wife. Poole alleges that Knight's wife is the one who called for the shooting of the popular rapper.

If any of this is true it could bring an end to a mystery that has lasted 19 long years. Tupac's loved ones have ached for nearly two decades while detectives in Las Vegas never solved the case -- keeping it on the list of Sin City's growing collection of cold cases. Poole commented about the long span of time that's passed.

"If this was Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra who got murdered, there would've been arrests a long time ago. This case can be solved, but needs police follow-up. There are clues sitting right in front of the police. It's a travesty of justice."
Over the course of the past 19 years, there have been numerous theories regarding who shot Tupac, and there have been just as many conspiracy theories -- even going as far as to claim that the rapper's death was a hoax. However, theories have always existed regarding Suge Knight's presumed involvement.

With the revelations made by former detective Russell Poole, is it possible that arrests will be made in Tupac's shooting? If so, that will bring an end to one of the country's most widely followed mysteries.

[Photo: Wiki via Examiner]