Bryce Harper Injury Update: Washington Nationals Lose Harper To Knee Injury

The Bryce Harper injury news is not what Washington Nationals fans wanted to hear. A Harper injury update reveals that the star player of the Nationals is dealing with an apparent knee injury. As reported by CBS Sports on Thursday, June 18, the injury took place when he was attempting to throw out a Tampa Bay Rays runner heading home. He appears to have lost his balance on the throw, possibly slipping on the grass, and immediately started grabbing his knee.

After staying on the ground for a few moments, a trainer for the Nationals came out to visit Harper and pulled him from the game. Harper walked off on his own power, but had a very disernable limp that has to worry everyone rooting for his MVP season to continue. The injury itself appears to be to his left knee and it forced him to leave the game to undergo further examination.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Bryce Harper has become one of the most popular players in Major League Baseball. It has drawn him a lot of support for the MLB All-Star Game, and he is currently slated to be one of the starters. The fan vote will continue for several more weeks, but it already looks like he is going to easily win one of the outfield slots. That’s a big improvement for a guy that wasn’t even on the team last year.

So far in the 2015 MLB season, Harper has a.344 batting average, with 22 home runs, 49 runs scored, and 52 RBIs. Those numbers are absolutely amazing and it has helped the Washington Nationals move out in front of the National League East standings. It has also been a remarkable season for fantasy baseball owners that heavily invested in him this year. That’s a lot of fans that want to see him back on the field very soon.

The Washington Nationals haven’t released further information on the extent of the Bryce Harper injury, but it is safe to assume that the front office is very worried about getting any bad news in this situation. The success of the team is really tied to whether or not he can come back healthy this MLB season, and there are also many fantasy baseball owners that likely need him back to stand a real shot at winning their respective leagues. It is expected that once Bryce Harper goes through some extensive tests on his knee that the team will give another update later on Thursday night.

An update on the injury from late Thursday (June 18) has come in from Bryce Harper has been diagnosed with a strained hamstring and will undergo further evaluations on Friday (June 19). He is likely to miss a few games, but the good news for the Washington Nationals is that he did not damage any knee ligaments.

[Image Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images]