Selena Gomez Teases New Song ‘Good For You’ With Rapper A$AP Rocky [Rumor]

Selena Gomez has been letting her fans know that she’s hard at work on her next album. Now the singer is ready to show her fans what she’s been working on. The 22-year-old singer teased fans with her new song called “Good For You.”

Gomez shared a video of herself singing her alleged new single on Thursday, June 18. In the short Instagram clip, Gomez sings a lyric that talks about being “blinded by the sun” and being “reborn in the moment” before the drums start playing. Gomez is also seen dancing around in the recording studio as someone remarks that the song sounds “beautiful.”

Here are the full reported lyrics: “But I’m blinded by the sun, I’m reborn at every moment, so who knows what I’ll become.”

Selena captioned the video: “I feel like I can exhale #goodforyou June 22nd.”

It looks like “Good For You” will be the first single off of Gomez’s highly-anticipated new album. Gomez is also reported to collaborate with rapper A$AP Rocky on her new single. She tagged the rapper in the narrow photo she shared after her teaser video. This is the single that’s also the alleged diss track about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Several new reports claimed that Taylor Swift inspired Selena Gomez to write music about her on-again, off-again relationship. As always, the trustworthy celebrity source, the Gossip Cop, quashed the reports, and said that Swift and Gomez don’t have the time to work on music together. The besties are lucky enough to have the time for lunch!


It’s also been reported that Selena is going to sing about her personal experiences. She wants to let it all out in her new album. Selena’s fans are looking forward to hearing what the singer has to say when it comes to her experiences with female empowerment and with heartbreak. An alleged source told HollywoodLife what Selena plans to cover in her album.

“Selena’s written a lot more songs based on her personal experiences and heartbreaks. It was Taylor that she drew inspiration from in that sense, who told her that’s something she should really focus on because it’s what people, especially young female fans, can relate to. Selena has written about elements of her relationship with Justin on the new album. She’s also taken inspiration from stories of her girlfriends’ break-ups and heartbreaks, as she aims to make her music more real than it’s ever been.”

The insider’s quote is similar to the statement that Gomez made on Instagram when she told fans that she wants to share the “Truth” about what she’s really been going through lately. Fans are also hoping that Gomez will also include some bops like “I Want You To Know” and “Come and Get It.” What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez’s new song? Do you think she’s collaborating with A$AP Rocky? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images and Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment]