Pit Bull Dog Fighting: New York Police Bust Harlem Dog Fighting Ring

Pit bull dog fighting rings, to some, are a thing of the past. Other than seeing negative pit bull attack stories, dog fighting rings have not made headlines since Michael Vick’s own bust. Whether there is just sign of pit bull dog fighting in Pennsylvania, as reported by the Inquisitr, or definitive one like in NYC, it is still a very real thing. The New York Daily News reports that New York police busted a dog fighting ring in Harlem.

The canines that were rescued from the Harlem, New York, dog fighting ring were being conditioned to do battle. Thankfully, they seem like they haven’t seen too much in the way of fighting. Officers responded to a series of 311 calls, which led them right to the dog fighting ring on 112 St. at Manhattan Ave. The investigators on scene in Harlem found 11 pits that they labeled “malnourished” and were found in “terrible conditions” at their owner’s home.

NYC authorities say they found equipment that is used in dog fighting in one part of the residence; however, no further information was divulged. Animal cruelty officer Sgt. Maria Sexton sees some positivity in the rescued pit bull’s future by their reaction.

“I was very happy to get them out. There were tails wagging all over the place.”

Police pointed to Brandon Baez as their suspect for the pit bull dog fighting ring in Harlem, and he is charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty charges and weapons possession. As Petcha pointed out, the NYPD won this war.

According to the Inquisitr,another pit bull was not as lucky as his NYC brethren. Pennsylvania animal rescue found pit bull that was missing most his nose and other aspects of the poor canine’s face. The dog was possibly used in a dog fighting ring.

“I bawled, I called my boyfriend crying. I’ve heard of horror stories, but I’ve never seen one, especially so close to home, only two hours from here. Her nose was pretty much torn off, and then the whole side of her face back to behind her teeth, the skin’s gone and she has some punctures up there all over her chest.”

Pit bulls often get the vicious dog reputation, but despicable animal cruelty such as these dog fighting rings rarely make headlines. However, it does not change the fact that any breed of dog should not be subjected to cruelty of this magnitude, or any kind for that matter.

The wind seems to be changing, with bans being rescinded, celebrity PSAs, pit bull political action committees being formed, and free adoptions. It might just be the best time to own such a breed. Hopefully, it is done responsibly.

[Images Via Creative Commons]