Zayn Malik’s Two-Year Music Ban Clues From Perrie Edwards’ Mum?

We see Zayn Malik’s mom in the press a lot — but what about his fiancé Perrie Edwards’ mom? News headlines in the U.K. were blazing on June 18 with titles stating that Perrie Edwards’ mom had “broken her silence” in the media — and was speaking up for Zayn Malik, too.

Recently, Zayn Malik has been embroiled (yet again) in speculation about whether or not One Direction will do a reunion. Simon Cowell was quick to dispel any #ZaynIsComingBack rumors, and clearly stated that fans will not see Zayn Malik and One Direction on the same stage for a long time.

There is also an issue with Zayn Malik’s former contract — and it appears he may not be able to release music for up to two years outside of One Direction.

As far as One Direction is concerned, Zayn Malik is missed — but they do not have any current plans for reuniting with him. Outside of that, there is still a problem for One Direction fans who are unhappy about Zayn Malik’s relationship with Perrie Edwards.

To be on point — they are worried Zayn Malik cheated on Perrie Edwards and she made him quit One Direction.

Were these fan speculations about the reasons behind Zayn Malik quitting One Direction founded in any truth? Perrie Edwards’ mom does not seem to think so, and she had a lot to reveal about Zayn Malik.

Perrie’s mom also seemed to focus on how Zayn Malik will have “plenty of time” in his future. Does this mean that the Zayn Malik new music release ban could be true?

The Mirror U.K. states that Perrie Edwards’ mother, known only as Deb, stated the following on June 16.

“It was his decision and nothing to do with Perrie…. They’ve always been happy. Zayn’s one of the nicest boys I’ve ever met and I couldn’t imagine Perrie with anyone else.”

Does Deb think that Zayn Malik is good enough for Perrie? Deb says, “I feel like he’s already my son, they’ve been together since she was on The X Factor so he’s part of the family.”

About Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards rushing to the altar to get married, Deb says, “They’ve got plenty of time. They’re still young. I visit quite a lot to cook them Sunday roasts.” Could this be a sign that Deb has behind-the-scenes information about Zayn Malik’s contract — and he is banned from releasing solos for two years?

About Perrie and time, Zayn Malik has been making good on his promise to spend more of it with his main squeeze. The Daily Mail U.K. reports on June 17 that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik were in Newcastle, England to spend time at her father’s house.

Sadly, it appears that spending time with Perrie Edwards might be all that Zayn Malik can do for the next two years.

MIC Righteous put out a solo track by Zayn Malik on June 15, but it was taken down from SoundCloud shortly after. Thankfully, some fans were able to capture Zayn Malik’s “No Type” before it disappeared.

About the “No Type” incident, MIC Righteous posted the following on his Facebook page on June 15 in response to the Zayn Malik song being taken down.

“Zayn [Malik] want[ed] the tune out, he ask me to be on the song, Shah (Naughty Boy) told me that his label won’t let him release any music for the next two [years]. So you know what I did? I did it [released Zayn Malik’s song “No Type”] for him, for you. And at the end of the day they can’t say no to me, I work for the people not the industry.”

The rumors about Zayn Malik being banned from releasing any new music for two years were investigated by Billboard Magazine on June 17 and they state “A rep for Zayn Malik did not respond to Billboard‘s request for comment.”

In other words, Zayn Malik’s career in music might be benched or stalled until further notice — but this could mean he will definitely have a lot of extra time to spend with Perrie (as he always wanted).

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