Contempt Of Clothing? Baggy Jeans Puts Defendant Behind Bars For Three Days

It really hasn’t been a good week for 20-year-old LaMarcus D. Ramsey. LaMarcus was appearing in Autauga County Circuit Court to enter his please in regards to a claim of “receiving stolen property” when his choice in clothing led to a sentence of jail time by a judge who wasn’t amused by the mans clothing choice.

Ramsey showed up in court wearing baggy pants that exposed his underwear, the judge overseeing his case cited Ramsey for contempt of court because of his choice in clothing and Ramsey must now spend three days in Autauga Metro jail.

After the judge handed down his decision he then told LaMarcus Ramsey that he needed to go out and buy pants that fit or purchase a belt when he gets out of jail.

At this time it’s not clear if Ramsey had an attorney present during his plea.

This isn’t the first time a governmental agency has went after people who choose to wear certain clothes in public, some welfare offices in the United States will not hand over a check or talk to anyone who comes in wearing pajama pants while city officials in Louisiana areas have recently contemplated putting a ban on pajama pants in public after a man exposed himself to a group of female shoppers.


Why the judge chose to give the man time behind bars for his choice in clothing is beyond me, but perhaps the next time that criminal buys stolen goods and is caught in the act he’ll remember to put on a belt or pull up his jeans when he’s appearing before a judge.