Garbage Man Fired For Animal Abuse, Photographed Tossing Injured Dog Into Truck’s Compacter, Dog Died Later At Dump

A Brazilian garbage man was fired from his job after a witness photographed him dragging an injured dog across the road and tossing it into the back of his garbage truck before pushing the button to start the compactor. Jadson James Franca, 35, threw the dog into his garbage truck and was fired shortly after the incident occurred. The animal abuse was deliberate and unnecessary, as Franca intentionally wrapped a chain around the dog’s neck to make it easier to toss it into the truck.

Franca’s coworkers stood by as he captured and compacted the injured dog. None of them attempted to intervene and stop him. Unknowingly, the dog survived the compactor in excruciating pain until they arrived at the dump, where it died shortly after from its injuries.

Metro U.K. shared that a Brazilian T.V. presenter, Xuxa, shared the images on her Facebook page, pleading to all 4.4 million of her followers to speak out against the monstrosity.

“This little dog, who wasn’t bothering anyone, had its legs broken, and in agony was tied up and dragged by the neck, before being brutally murdered by this individual, being thrown and crushed alive in the back of the garbage truck.”

Xuxa also pleaded with her followers to act out and work toward putting the garbage man behind bars, according to News Limited.

“This monster can still appeal against a fine and will still be walking the streets in freedom! Are we going to let that happen?? Let’s do something?? Together we can.”

Franco has countered the verbal attacks by stating the dog was suffering from the injuries and that he was simply doing the most humane thing possible by ending the dog’s life quickly. He did not expect it to survive the compactor and suffer more.


The mayor of the Brazilian town, Neilson da Cruz, stated that Franco has been fined in addition to being fired, and berated him for the atrocious crime. However, he also berated the individual that took the photos for not intervening and helping the dog.

“These people are more preoccupied with making recordings that with saving the animals. This is an absurdity.”

There is no information eluding to whether the coworkers were disciplined for their lack of intervention. The photographer has not spoken out to explain why he did not intervene.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]