Republican Jeb Bush Says He Met Wife, Columba, In Mexico — 'She's Not A Political Wife'

Jeb Bush has been married to his wife, Columba, for 41 years. In a recent interview, he spoke about how the two met. The former Florida governor tells all.

Bush surely has "bushels" of love for his wife. They've been together for over four decades. In these days, it's less common to find couples sticking it out for the long haul. However, this Bush family has seemed to pull it off.

But where and how did they meet? Well, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon — on The Tonight Show — Jeb tells the world their story.

"I met her when I was 17, and I married her when I was 21. And, um, I met her in León, Mexico. It was love at first sight. It was one of these deals — I don't know if it's happened to you, Jimmy — but it was a knockout moment.

It was like lightning had hit. I lost 20 pounds, probably weighed about 190 then...I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I was totally consumed."

Jeb goes on to mention that he was in high school at the time and in an exchange program. He was actually helping build a school structure outside of León. Toward of end of his time in Mexico, he met future-wife Columba.

As you may know, Jeb Bush is now a presidential candidate for 2016. While he wasn't going to run at first, he says that his wife, Columba, gave him the green light. In an interview with ABC News, Bush quotes his wife as follows.

"She told me that not allowing me to pursue this mission would be like telling a musician you can't play music."
In the same interview, Presidential candidate Jeb Bush states that she's not quite a political wife, and he loves that about her.
"People are drawn towards her. She's such a loving person but she's not a political spouse. She's my soulmate for 41 years."

Jeb Bush Jr. also added words about his non-political mother, Columba. As he tells CNN, she's just being supportive.

"Mom hates politics. She's not a huge fan of it, which probably makes her the only sane person in the family...

... I think it's just out of love for Dad. I know she'll be there to support Dad 110 percent."

With his family's support, Jeb appears confident about his campaign. In the same interview, Jeb Sr. states that he's going to have to do it on his own — through honesty.

While you'd think Republican candidates should be showing support and acknowledgement to any fellow candidates — even showing potential teamwork — newly-announced candidate Donald Trump has struck out on offensive against Bush. As reports Inquisitr, Donald feels that Jeb "is an unhappy man," and he "can't see how he could win."

Do you think Bush will have a successful campaign with his wife by his side? In which direction do you think she'll be of influence? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

[Photo Credits: Twitter; Video Credits: ABC News / YouTube]