Golf Lottery Jackpot. Foursome Claims $30 Million Prize

Strolling around on a golf course with your buddies is usually a great way to kick back and relax but for one foursome it has provide a $30 millin windfall, that’s because Ian McMurtrie, Tom Moryson, Wayne Miller and Joe Scully played the Max jackpot this week and in the process the golf lottery jackpot winners won $30 million, that’s $7.5 million each for those keeping score at home.

As McMurtrie held up the cheque for $30 million at the B.C. Lottery Corp. officers in Vancouver he said of the windfall:

“Friday being a holiday, I almost forgot to buy [the weekly ticket],” and “I almost forgot. I was watching the Masters on Friday and they said it was the second round I said, ‘Second round? It feels like Saturday, I better go get the lottery ticket.'”

McMurtrie realized after he arrived at the local store that another ticket he bought had won $20 so he asked the clerk to roll that $20 over into more tickets.

It turns out McMurtie hadn’t even realized his group had won, his wife discovered that someone in Abbotsford had the winning ticket and he started checking the seven number. According to McMurtrie:


“I only got to see five numbers before I collapsed because I was shaking so hard,” he said. “She had to check the last two.”

Eventually the other three men came over for a celebratory sip of champagne.

News of the windfall couldn’t come at a better time for McMurtrie who was recently laid off from his job in the golf industry.

The golf lottery jackpot winners are all avid golfers and I have a feeling they’ll be spending a lot more of their free-time on the golf course after winning $7.5 million each.