Rick Ducommun Dead: 'Die Hard,' 'Groundhog Day' Comedian, Actor Passes Aged 58

Gregory Wakeman

Actor Rick Ducommun has died at the age of 58.

Ducommun appeared in a bevy of hugely popular comedies throughout his career, which included Groundhog Day, The 'Burbs, and Little Monsters. He also acted in Spaceballs, Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October, The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, and Scary Movie.

Director Joe Dante was the first to reveal that sad news of Ducommun's passing, courtesy of his Twitter page.

— Joe Dante (@joe_dante) June 18, 2015

— Joe Dante (@joe_dante) June 18, 2015

— That Guy Dick Miller (@thatdickmiller) June 18, 2015

Back on July 3, 1956, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ducommon began to rise to prominence in the early 1980s. However, it was as Art Weingartner, Tom Hanks' neighbor in The 'Burbs, where Ducommon made his first real imprint.

However, arguably, Rick Ducommun's most memorable performance came during his brief appearance in Groundhog Day opposite Bill Murray, where he played the loveable Gus, a bar-fly with regrets. You can check out a quick look at his performance in the acclaimed comedy below.

Meanwhile, you can also have an extended look at Ducommun in The 'Burbs alongside Tom Hanks, too.

It's currently not known what led to the death of Rick Ducommun.

[Image via Columbia Pictures]