Hundreds Of Australian Women Have Nude Photos Hacked And Uploaded, ‘Sunrise’ Blames The Women

Hundreds of Australian women have unwittingly become the targets of a nude photo hacking scandal, which has seen these intimate images uploaded to an American website.

But rather than placing the blame at the individual who hacked into this secret data and upload it to the internet without their permission, an Australian television station has instead decided to blame the women for taking the photos in the first place.

According to Adelaide Advertiser, via BuzzFeed, the conniving user has declared that they have hundreds of “different pics of [South Australian] chicks] in their possession, and they “cannot do anything to stop us.”

In response to this declaration, though, Sunrise took to their Facebook page to blame the women. They wrote as follows.

“What’s it going to take for women to get the message about taking and sending nude photos? Nude and revealing photos of more than 500 Adelaide women and young girls have been shared on a website without their permission. It’s believed the photos were taken from Facebook, and also sent in by former partners as revenge porn. The photos are on a U.S. website, which is exempt from Australian law.”

Sunrise soon noticed the error of this post, though, and it was quickly taken down — however, not before a hoard of commenters took to the page to vent their disgust at the post.

Most of these responses stated just how furious they were that the women who took the photos were being blamed. You can check out some of the Twitter responses below.


A petition was soon organized calling on the show to say sorry for their original post. And Yahoo! 7, the company behind Sunrise’s Facebook page, via SMH, soon obliged to this request.

“We apologise unreservedly to anyone offended by a post that was made on Sunrise Facebook page regarding nude photos and online security yesterday, and in particular to the victims. Whilst it was not our intention we appreciated that the wording of the post was insensitive. The post has been removed.”

[Image via frank_peters / Shutterstock]