Ireland Baldwin Bruised: Sources Claim Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Brutally Attacked By Three Men

Ireland Baldwin has been seen looking bruised and battered as sources claim the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin was brutally attacked by three men.

A source told the Daily Mail that he trio of men followed Ireland as she was walking around Malibu on Monday night. Noticing the men, she made her way to the Soba Recovery Center and sought the help of one of their bodyguards.

“A week ago, a crew of guys were following Ireland around Malibu, tailing her car super close,” said the source. “So Ireland came back to Soba Recovery Center and got one of the bodyguards at the center to come out and say the harassment needs to stop.”

While Ireland, nor her reps, have confirmed the attack, the actress shared a post on Twitter that possibly hinted that something had happened.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh everything,” she tweeted.

Baldwin had reportedly checked into the rehab facility to deal with “emotional trauma” after splitting from her ex, Angel Haze, in April. Soon after, she started dating her new boyfriend, Jon Kasik, who she reportedly met at the facility.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Baldwin had checked into the Soba rehab facility to deal with “emotional trauma” after splitting from her ex, Angel Haze, in April.

“Apparently I’m in rehab for intensive partying soooo I’m just going to lay pretty low for a bit and maybe get some frozen yogurt,” she tweeted at the time.

“I checked myself into Soba for two weeks to just get away for a little bit. I’m not much a party cat but I am here deal with some emotional trauma and getting the intensive therapy I needed in order to recover,” Ireland continued. “Someday I’ll feel ready to share my story openly without feeling the way I do. Right now I just needed a breather. I needed a chance to work on myself and gather all the tools I need to overcome everything that I had been through and rid myself of all the pain I locked away in unreachable places.”

On a lighter note, Ireland has a new baby brother, as her father Alec and his wife Hilaria welcomed their new baby boy, Rafael Thomas.

The couple announced Rafael’s birth on Wednesday saying, “We are happy to announce the birth of Rafael Thomas Baldwin.”

[Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images]