Is Pope Francis ‘Most Dangerous Person On The Planet’? According To Fox Host, He Is

When many think of Pope Francis, they think of the smiling spiritual leader of the Catholic church, one who has brought many Catholics back to the church. But there is at least one person who considers Pope Francis to be dangerous, more specifically the “most dangerous person on the planet.”

Pope Francis just released his encyclical on the environment. Within the encyclical, which is meant to be a “papal teaching document,” according to Reuters, Pope Francis urges the world to “bring together care for our planet and practical compassion for the poor.”

Pope Francis points out that there are “no absolute shortage of resources,” and that it is imperative that we “find new ways of sharing creation’s bounty.”

While many are praising this particular encyclical agreeing with Pope Francis’ views, Greg Gutfeld of Fox called Pope Francis “the most dangerous person on the planet” because the pope suggested that climate change is real, according to Ring of Fire Radio.

Gutfeld goes on to say that with Pope Francis’ “liberal views,” that “All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandanna and he could be on Occupy Wall Street.”

Gutfield continues sharing his views on this “modern pope,” saying as follows.

“He is a Malthusian. He is in bed with Malthus. He believes that the Earth is overpopulated … and remember he said Catholics have to stop breeding like rabbits? Do you remember where that came from? That’s a Malthusian belief. And Malthusians believe that the Earth is overpopulated and it would be nice if there were a few billion people less. How does that happen? Global warming.”

While Gutfield commented that the religious leader shouldn’t be involving himself in what Gutfeld considered a primarily “political” matter, co-host Juan Williams spoke up.

Williams responded, “I think the problem for you is that you put it in a box of pure politics, left and right. What about if the Pope is simply saying … we should do all we can to support God’s green earth. Is that so radical?”

The response on Twitter has shown criticism for the Fox host and his comments about Pope Francis.

@TheRReport @terri_georgia Republicans know better than scientists AND the Pope now huh

— Chewie (@ogamble) June 17, 2015

So while Gutfeld doesn’t think so highly of Pope Francis and his latest encyclical, many have joined in to support Pope Francis, our “modern pope,” who, according to Reuters, has proven to be much like “his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi.”

[Photo Courtesy of Tomaz Silva / ABr (Agência Brasil)]