2-Year-Old Found Dead: Days Later, Police Still Search For Clues Why [Video]

Just 40 minutes after issuing an amber alert for a little girl who was reported missing by her parents, Adrionna Williams was discovered dead in a ravine over two miles from her Alleheny County, Pennsylvania home. Her parents don’t know how she got there, and police investigators are still searching for reasons why the 2-year-old was found dead just minutes after the amber alert was issued, but evidence has been inconclusive.

Williams was last seen around 6:30 p.m. when she was with her family. When the 2-year-old was noticed missing, her family called authorities at 7:05 p.m., who issued an Amber Alert. A mere 40 minutes later, at 7:45 p.m., Adrionna was found dead. She would have turned three next month.

Police are certain she was abducted, since there’s no evidence she was murdered where she was found. According to the Examiner, authorities also insist that “the child had been placed where she was found.”

The 2-year-old’s death is being considered a homicide by authorities, but police aren’t sure why the little girl was found so far away from her home and in a remote, wooded area, said Allegheny County police spokesman Lt. Andrew Schurman.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, police have been searching, since Sunday, for reasons why the little girl died. A dog walker discovered the 2-year-old’s body after seeing an exposed leg, and according to police, it seemed as if she was placed there. Cars have not been able to access the area in which she was found for some time, but pedestrians have ready access.

According to ABC News, “The investigation is ongoing and at this stage we do not believe the child was abducted by a stranger,” Schurman said in a news release, and elaborated that it seemed too far for the child to walk on her own. He did not identify any suspects.


After she found out about her daughter’s death, Adrionna’s mother shared her grief on Facebook, posting “I never cried so much. Never hurt so bad. Girl, you were my life. I can’t think of nothing but you. My heart is shattered into pieces. Mommy loves you, girl! My angel.” She has declined to talk to the media about the 2-year-old’s death.

Autopsy results on the 2-year-old didn’t reveal any further evidence why she was found in the ravine, either, although authorities are still waiting on further results. Police haven’t issued any further statements about Adrionna’s case, and are still searching for reasons why she went missing.

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