‘Game Of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Explains Mistakes, Deaths And House Targaryen [Spoilers]

George R.R. Martin is not entirely pleased with his Game of Thrones book series, which is surprising to some fans. After all, the books helped launched the successful HBO show of the same name. Fans have been dedicated to the fantasy series each week, giving HBO the big boost it needed. The Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones raked in 8.1 million viewers. Now, George is setting the record straight about his books, those shocking deaths, the origins of House Targaryen, and more.

The author says that he’s sick of reading the mistakes in his popular GoT books. Last week during his appearance in New York City, Martin admitted that the deliberate inconsistencies he writes greatly affects the series. When Martin is talking about mistakes, he means it’s all the little things. He doesn’t mean something that could change the plot greatly. A mistake could be as simple as a character’s eye color.

Martin said, “These are simple mistakes but they irritate me.”

The author also explained that he likes to use the “point of view” narrative to explain how his characters remember incidents in different ways. George says that the Game of Thrones books are told from the point of view from the characters, so adding small details can make a difference in a character’s story. George describes it as his way of cleverly writing his characters.

The author also spoke out about those shocking deaths in both the books and the TV series. Fans are still shocked over the death in the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. Martin wrote an open letter to his fans and explains the need for those shocking deaths. The author may have not written the letter himself, but it will give GoT fans something to think about. Martin kind of compares his work to that of William Shakespeare.

“[Shakespeare] would kill off characters in insanely brutal ways ALL OF THE G******N TIME. Let’s just say MacBeth makes the Red Wedding look like a f***ing bridal shower. Allow me to pose this question to you – how many of you have heard of William G*****N Shakespeare? He’s the most famous, accomplished, well-known author in human history – and a guy who would kill off characters in insanely brutal ways like it was nothing.”

The author, very bluntly, stated that the deaths in the Game of Thrones books or TV series aren’t that “shocking” and that fans should expect deaths to happen.

“And let’s be clear – very few of my deaths are ‘shocking’ in any actual way – they’re almost ALWAYS the consequences of characters making stupid-as-s**t decisions and getting blinded by pride, honor and ego.”

You can read George R.R. Martin’s alleged full letter here. He’s also recently explained the origins of the House Targaryen. These people have been the rulers of Westeros for hundreds of years, but according to Martin, they are not really Westerosi. In fact, the Targaryens come from a place called Valyria, which is located across the Narrow Sea. He also added that the Valyrians were evil people who got into dark magic and pyromancy. They even bred and raised dragons so they can send them into battle against their enemies.

Martin recalls that 400 years ago, Valyria was wiped out by flames that engulfed them and their dragons. The Targaryen family was saved from what was called “the doom” from a premonition. Their family ruled for hundreds of years, but their dragons later died and became extinct. In the Season 5 finale, Daenerys Targaryen wants to return to Westeros to reclaim her family throne. She’s the only known true Targaryen in her family.

Now, the sixth book of the Game of Thrones series is currently being worked on and the series won’t return until spring of 2016. Fans of both the books and the series are curious about Daenerys’ fate and the House Targaryen.

Martin has said that he’s busy working on the sixth installment of the book, The Winds of Winter. He turned down several invitations and has asked fans to stop sending him emails so he can better concentrate on his projects. Rumors are swirling that he will have more projects on the way, and The Winds of Winter will be finished before Season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres. Apart from the books, Martin will also be working with both HBO and Cinemax to create other TV series.

What are your thoughts on George R.R. Martin’s comments on mistakes, deaths, and the House Targaryen? Are you disappointed by the death in the Season 5 finale? Do you notice any of the mistakes made in the books? Share any of your thoughts below in the comments section.

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