Hollywood Reacts To Charleston Shooting: Nine Dead After Shooting At Black Church

A shooting in a historical Black church in Charleston, South Carolina, has left nine dead. As the Inquisitr reported, a mass shooting occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night.

Those left for dead in the historical Black church include Reverend Clementa Pinckney, six women, and three men, as well as a South Carolina state senator and a pastor. The shooting has been identified as a hate crime, and the suspect, Dylan Storm Roof, a caucasian male, between the ages of 21- to 25-years-old, is still at large.

When the news hit, people were sending prayers and their thoughts to those in Charleston, South Carolina. Among those reacting were big names in Hollywood including Solange Knowles, Taylor Swift, Rob Lowe, and more.

Here’s just a few reactions from famous faces in Hollywood.

My heart is truly with you to the folks who lost loved ones Charleston. My heart is truly with you, world.

— solange knowles (@solangeknowles) June 18, 2015

Activist and Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams wrote on Instagram, with a photo of the suspected Charleston shooter.Charleston shooter

“People know this particular terrorist. Generations of Americans know this terrorism. A nation at large, relentlessly excusing it. #AMEShooting #Charleston”

In another post Williams wrote, “Is it possible that the system is breaking good people and cultures? Is it reasonable to consider such a system broken?”

Plane landed, turned on my phone, and my heart dropped to the floor. Charleston… This is an unbearable loss of lives and innocence.

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) June 18, 2015

Selma director Ava DuVernay tweeted as follows.

She also retweeted the following.

Actor Rob Lowe took the media up to task in his tweet about the Charleston shooting.


It’s believed that Roof spent an hour with the victims before killing them.

[Photo by Ari Perilstein / Getty Images]