Watch Peru vs. Venezuela Live Stream Free, 2015 Copa America, Group C

Watch Peru vs. Venezuela live stream free in continuing action from the 2015 Copa America at Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander, Valparaíso, on Thursday.

Venezuela surprised many by taking three points in their opening game against heavy favorite, Colombia. This is a crucial match for both teams if they want to maintain their chances of advancing alive.

On Wednesday, Brazil fell 0-1 to Colombia in a controversial ending that saw superstar Neymar being shown a red card, which means he will not be available to play the next match.

Everyone knows what happened the last time Neymar missed a game for Brazil. In the 2014 World Cup, Germany crushed Brazil's hopes of winning the title in front of their fans, when Neymar was sidelined after a serious back injury following a vicious attack from a Colombian defender.

If you watch Peru vs. Venezuela live stream free, you will see if Venezuela got lucky or they can take their second game at the Copa America. Coming in, neither team was seen as favorites to advance past the groups stage, especially with Brazil and Colombia in the same group.

Venezuela goalkeeper Alain Baroja is asking his teammates to remain calm ahead of the match against Peru.

"The euphoria of the match against Colombia has already passed. Now you have to think with a cool head. It was good to start with three points, and now he have the hope of getting more.

We have a lot of desire to continue doing our best in each game and therefore go as far as possible in the tournament."

Meanwhile, Peru is in a more disadvantaged position, with no points and little chances to advance. Peru's midfielder, Juan Manuel Vargas, is expecting a more difficult match than against Brazil when you watch Peru vs. Venezuela live stream.
"With Venezuela it will be a more difficult game.

Brazil let us play -- this team will not let us play, so it will be tough. We have to get it right and capitalize on any errors they may commit."

Venezuela has taken three of the last five matches against Peru, dating back to 2009. Individually, Peru has only won one match (Guatemala) in their last six appearances, while Venezuela has taken three out of six games.

Watch Peru vs. Venezuela live stream free here. Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m ET.

[Photo by Chung Sung-Jun, Alex Grimm / Getty Images]