Deer Killed By Elton John’s Chopper: ‘It Was Just A Freak Accident’

Sorry may be the hardest word for Elton John to say, but one would like to believe the diminutive diva was somewhat contrite after his private chopper killed a deer this week in a freak accident.

Elton was flying into the south of England in his personal helicopter ahead of yet another monotonous round of gigs when disaster struck.

As Elton’s chopper touched down in leafy Cornwall on Tuesday afternoon, the British songbird’s whirly bird spooked a nearby deer, who ran into a road and was killed by a speeding car.

In a heightened sense of panic induced by perhaps the thought that Elton was going to start singing at any moment, the deer ran into a road, was clipped by a car, bounced into the air, and fell to the earth dead.

No doubt shocked and bewildered by what appeared to be an infernal mechanical bird carrying a flying diva well past his prime, no one can really blame the deer for fleeing in abject terror after his natural habitat was invaded by a celebrity. Nor can one blame Elton, the car driver, or pilot, who according to a source quoted in the Daily Express, had no idea the deer was there.

“It was just a freak accident. The pilot couldn’t have known there was a deer there. It was clipped by the car, bounced into the air and then lay there dead. I don’t know if Elton was told. It’s not his fault.”

Elton may be an aging starlet but, by god, he’s a trooper, and the little man with the big glasses took to the stage at Cornwall’s Eden Project later that day and delivered the goods as only Elton can.

It was the first time Elton had played in lovely Cornwall for three decades, and putting all thoughts of who killed Bambi aside for the evening, Elton told the crowd how thrilled he was to be performing for them.

“I’m very happy to be here at this amazing place – and what an amazing place this is.”

It’s been a rough few days for the portly hit maker. Elton hit the headlines hard recently after he vented his spleen all over a gang of what he perceived as joy killing stewards who were trying to maintain order at one of his concerts.

Elton reportedly reduced one of the stewards to tears, and the 68-year-old who has battled bravely with hair loss for decades concentrated much of his venom on a c**t with a blonde ponytail.

“You f****** stewards, who do you think you are? This is my f*****g concert, who are you? Especially you with the f*****g blonde ponytail, you’re a f*****g c**t.”

(Photo By Alex Wong/Getty Images)