The Queen's Guard Takes No Prisoners When A Tourist Gets In Their Way [Video]

The Queen's Guards takes their job seriously, and this video proves it! Recently, a tourist got in the way of the Queen's Guard as they were marching in formation in London.

While many have cracked jokes at just how seriously the Queen's Guard take their duty, never flinching or moving for anyone, this blundering tourist found out the hard way when he stepped into the way of the marching group and was knocked about as the Queen's Guard kept going, never wavering once from their scheduled route. It is unlikely this tourist will be cracking jokes about them in the future as he is now the butt of one of those jokes himself!

Steven MacCaulay originally posted the video clip of the tourist getting caught up in the Queen's Guard to YouTube on Monday, June 15, 2015. Already, more than 3.3 million people have viewed the clip. Steven captioned the video with "You better be on your guard when the Queens Guards are coming through, these guys aren't stopping for anything!"

As the Queen's Guards approaches, the tourist steps out to look at something, apparently not even aware danger is approaching. He then turns away from them. The tourist had a large camera in his hands, so it was possible he was focused on getting the perfect shot of something other than the Queen's Guard. As the guard members approaches, you can see the tourist get caught up in the midst of them, along with a female companion who tried to pull him out of the way. Members of the Queen's Guard shout out "Make way!" and "Move!" The tourist is knocked about but appears to be unhurt by the incident. Afterwards, a woman can be heard muttering, "stupid man," but it is unclear if she is referring to the tourist or not.

While the Queen's Guard has always played an important part in looking after the royal family, mostly these days their services are more ceremonial than functional. Although last year, a Queen's Guard member was forced to break royal protocol by leaving his post after an argumentative member of the public tried to force his way into Buckingham Palace. Since then, many of the Queen's Guards have been forced out of their sentry boxes and into the grounds of the building they are protecting thanks to fears terrorists might target them.

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[Image credit: Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell]